5 Reasons You Should Be in Aruba

We wrote a list of 13,496 reasons to visit Aruba right now, but it got a little bit wordy. We pared it down to five fabulous reasons that we simply had to share, and will leave it to you to visit and discover the other 13,491 for yourself.

1. Fusion Cuisine that will make you drool.

Over 90 different nationalities call Aruba home. The melting pot culture of Aruba is one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world. If you think like we do, you are thinking that means the food is going to be delicious, and you are absolutely correct. Think Caribbean meets African meets European potluck and every dish is more mouth-watering than the last.

2. Aruba is the shipwreck diving capital of the Caribbean.

Take a dive to see two mysterious and eerie WWII shipwrecks: the SS Antilla and SS Perdernales. Plus, once you’re below the surface, you’ll also get to see another one of Aruba’s finest attractions—countless colorful coral formations. Still not up for the dive? Try an equally refreshing dryland activity, like biking the longest linear park in the Caribbean or beachside yoga sessions.

3. 20% of the island is a national park.

If you’re into dramatic coastlines, unbelievable geologic formations, and pristine swimming holes, Arikok National Park is the place for you. One breathtaking spot is The Natural Pool, perched right on the ocean and surrounded by rugged walls of volcanic rock. It’s unpredictable beauty makes it a must-see.

4. Sunshine guaranteed.

That’s essentially what you get when you book a trip to Aruba. The island is located outside the hurricane belt, so you can count on constant sunshine. With an 82-degree average year-round temperature, refreshing trade winds, and low humidity, hopefully your idea of a perfect vacation includes uninterrupted sunny days at the beach.

Aruba sea turtles

5. Baby sea turtles for the win.

Take the kids to see these little guys waddle into the ocean for the very first time. Aruba is home to several species of sea turtles, so while walking Aruba’s beaches from March to November you’ll likely encounter areas cordoned off to protect the overwhelming cuteness of baby sea turtles taking their first steps into the water. Your little ones will always be entertained thanks to the countless family activities, including snorkeling over reefs or a trip to Baby Beach.

Want to see what else makes this gem of an island shine so bright? We don’t blame you. Head to Aruba now.


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