Cirque du Soleil & The Most Amazing Dinner Ever

I’m coming to realize that being the Ultimate Funjetter is pretty amazing. (I can hear you thinking, she only realized that now?!) There was something about this particular evening in Las Vegas that brought home for me that I am experiencing something really unique and amazing.

It started out with a fabulous dinner at Todd English’s Olives. This is a fairly posh restaurant and we had an incredible meal. Both Lindsy and I had a Two Pear Martini (delish – order it if you go!) to start.

We also had: Crazy Mushroom Pappardelle that was crazy good; Linguine alle Vongole with these super wide homemade noodles; Sea Scallops that might have been my favorite; and Pork Chops which taste even better than they look.

After dinner, we went to the Cique du Soleil show at the Bellagio. It was mindblowing. My jaw literally dropped as soon as the curtains opened. The show was in the water, on the water and above water. There was a man on fire at one point and all I wanted to do was put him out! The water was also on fire! WHAT?

It was seriously breathtaking. Every person was so talented. The whole show was just unbelievable. I cannot say enough about it! Just go see it when you’re in Las Vegas!