Kauai’s Best-Kept Secret

Okay, so Kauai’s “Secret Falls” aren’t really that secret, but they do take a bit of work to get to! My dad and I went on the Wailua Kayak & Hike the Secret Falls excursion. It’s definitely one that I would recommend to people who like to be active and explore a destination.

Our tour guide, Cody, was awesome. He was extremely patient and a lot of fun. He really knew his stuff and was an excellent guide. We hopped on the shuttle, which took us to the Wailua River. Kayaking on the river was really relaxing – no major rapids or anything – and the view of the mountains was amazing.

Once we hit dry land, we started hiking. Cody played a ukulele that his father made for him out of a tree that was cut down near the waterfall that we were on our way to see. He was really good! And of course, it made the whole thing feel extra Hawaiian.

As we walked along, Cody pointed out honeysuckle and Noni, and even plucked some ginger straight from the ground! How cool is that!


When we got to the Secret Falls, the work required to get there was all worth it. It was so pretty with all the vegetation and sunlight filtering through…it was like a natural spa! Of course I had to get in the water. The pool beneath the falls was warm like bathwater, and I just floated in it the whole time we were there.

Do be aware, though, that it can be rocky – I cut my foot up a little, so I would recommend wearing or bringing shoes you can wear into the water.