Soaring Over Kauai

Well, I’m convinced that the only way to truly see Kauai is from the air. During our trip, my dad and I took the Ultimate Helicopter Tour and it. was. amazing.

First of all, it was a perfect day. There were no storms, and the sky was blue and clear – ideal for viewing the scenery below us!

Our pilot’s name was John. He flew us around for about 50 minutes and trust me, it went by so fast! I could have just watched the world go by all day long.

We flew right over the Na Pali coast, which is literally breathtaking. It’s one of the famous places in Kauai, and you can’t reach it by car! You have to either fly, hike or boat because the terrain is far too rugged for vehicles to navigate it. You can definitely see why in the next photo!

Pilot John showed us some locations where movies have been filmed, and he pointed out waterfalls, taro fields, mountains, everything! If you get the chance to take this helicopter tour, make sure you tear your eyes away from the island for at least a moment to look out over the ocean! It’s a really unique vantage point and all the colors of blue are really something.

So far, this has been one of the most incredible things I’ve done as the Ultimate Funjetter. And I’m so happy that I was able to share the experience with my dad!

Stay tuned for more Hawaiian adventures – and my next trip, coming up soon!