Ultimate Funjetter Does Jamaica: Part II: YS Falls & the Black River

Guys, I’m kind of obsessed with Jamaica. I want to bring everyone I know here for a vacation. My best tip is to get out and explore the island! There are so many cool things to do.

YS Falls
YS Falls is so much fun! In the morning, we were picked up by our driver, Carter. The falls are about two hours from the Riu Palace Tropical Bay, where we were staying. Along the way, we stopped and bought a bag of shrimp from a local who cooked and seasoned them right up. Carter told us to eat them like chips. They were delicious!

Shrimp in Jamaica! #UltimateFunjetter

Shrimp, to be eaten like chips

The falls are incredibly beautiful. It’s super lush and green all around the tiers of waterfalls, and you can walk right through it, go swimming, swing over it on a rope swing and even jump in!

YS Falls #UltimateFunjetter

YS Falls in Jamaica – so beautiful!

Tip: Pack water shoes! It’s very rocky and you’ll be glad to have them.

In YS Falls! #UltimateFunjetter

Just hanging out in a waterfall

Walking through YS Falls #UltimateFunjetter

Fording the river

The Black River
After our fun playing in the water, we got on a pontoon boat to take a tour up the Black River. Don’t be fooled by the name – the water is actually clear, but the moss that grows on the bottom of the river makes the water appear dark.

The Black River, Jamaica

The Black River, Jamaica

The town here grew up on the banks of the Black River and is one of the oldest in Jamaica. It was an important port for trade, including exporting logwood and sugar.

Cruising down The Black River as the Ultimate Funjetter!

Cruising down The Black River

What would a river tour be without some wildlife? We actually got to see crocodiles! At first, the boat driver pointed them out, but soon they came right up close to the boat. It’s crazy to see them up close! We also saw a lot of lily pads, and we were told that they sink below the water at night and come up to the surface during the day.

This was such a fun day. I loved how we got to see more of Jamaica, and learn about the history and nature of the places we were exploring. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, too. They just want to show off what a great place they live – and boy do they live in a great place!

Cruising down The Black River, Jamaica

Our awesome, knowledgeable guide

Stay tuned for Part III, in which we go to the famous Rick’s Café on a (booze) cruise.
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