Ultimate Funjetter in Punta Cana: Part I

For my trip to Punta Cana, I was accompanied by my friend Miranda, and we had a great time!


We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, and the moment we checked in, we grabbed our swimsuits and sprinted to the beach. The Atlantic Ocean was breathtaking. The water was so warm and blue that we couldn’t resist staying there pretty much all day, every day, and sipping on pina coladas. Life’s rough sometimes, isn’t it?


The Hard Rock is like a town of its own, with 11 pools, nine restaurants, golfing, biking, rock climbing, a lazy river and so much more. It’s really nice that they have golf carts that drive around the property to pick you up and drop you off in different places. Miranda and I loved indulging in the delicious cuisine, drinks and 24-hour room service. There is also a casino at the hotel, and of course we had to try our luck. We both left as winners!


Besides relaxing and being spoiled at the hotel, we also ventured off the resort grounds for some fun excursions. One of these, which we both highly recommend, is the Dr. Fish Ocean Spa excursion. Little fish called Garra Rufa, or “doctor fish,” gently nibble off the dead skin from your feet, leaving them silky smooth. It tickles!


After the pedicure, we were lead to a boat and did pilates on the top deck. Then, our feet were dipped into special tubs to detoxify our bodies. From there, we enjoyed a very relaxing private massage and a coffee body scrub. It was so wonderful!


A few days later, we went on a totally different kind of excursion: we rode dune buggies through the country side, visited beautiful Macao Beach, jumped into a cenote, and learned all about coffee. The dune buggies were so fun, driving and sliding through the mud from a storm the day before.

Dune buggy

Stay tuned for Part II of my trip to Punta Cana, in which all my dreams come true at Monkeyland!