Ultimate Funjetter in Punta Cana: Part II

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, all my dreams came true when we visited Monkeyland in Punta Cana. We got on a bus at the hotel and drove through the mountains to get there. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we learned a lot during the drive.

At Monkeyland, we got to meet about 22 squirrel monkeys. They are so cute, you guys. We saw a lot of babies, and learned that they cling to their mothers’ backs for the first four months of their lives. Talk about a strong grip.monkeyland 2

We fed the monkeys a mixture of fruit and nuts. They just climb all over you. I was just the happiest girl in the world!


After we said goodbye to the monkeys, we visited a local home. We saw that the kitchens are actually built separately from the living areas of the home, which is because of all the smoke from wood and coal stoves.

A visit to the colorful local home

The kitchen where coffee and cacao are roasted

We got to walk around their farm, and taste fresh mangoes, passion fruit, pineapple and star fruit. I highly recommend this tour. It really opened my eyes to the Dominican way of life.

Delicious fruit, grown right there at the farm

Overall, my visit to Punta Cana was amazing. There were so many kinds of things that we did, it made every day a little different. And of course, you just can’t beat that beach!

punta cana uf beach

Coming soon: My adventures in Cancun, Mexico.