Vegas After Dark

Since Vegas is known as the City of Entertainment, we of course had to go explore the nightlife! The view from our room at The Bellagio was beautiful as the sun went down and all the lights came on. And, of course…the fountain! As you may remember, I loved watching the fountain.

Anyway, I tore myself away from the view and we headed out on the town. Drai’s is a recently-renovated nightclub across from The Bellagio. Did I mention it’s on the roof? As we entered we got our photo taken and felt like total VIPs.

drais snipped

The whole concept of Drai’s is basically a pool party after dark. There are beach balls, music, people in the pool, and at one point they even did a balloon drop into the pool. Just be aware that drinks are pricey here. I ordered one that was $18. It was delicious, but still.

Light is a nightclub inside Mandalay Bay. It was seriously packed with rich people ordering bottle service. What an interesting experience! It’s not my usual scene – mostly because I heard someone ordering bottle service for $2,500. YIKES.

Of course, there’s a ton to do in Vegas without spending so much, and without even going to the clubs if that’s not your style.

During the day, we spent time by the pool at the Bellagio. It was pretty crowded on the deck but the pools were basically empty. It was very relaxing in the beautiful courtyard and nearly every pool has a fountain in it.

We also checked out Moorea Beach Club, which is a part of Mandalay Bay for adults over age 21. We managed to score a reserved bed area with a bucket of ice water and in the heat of the day it was much needed! Note to those who are considering a trip to Moorea Beach Club: there may be a topless pool party, so it’s a good idea to check in advance!

We also spent time wandering the Strip and doing some shopping. The Miracle Mile is packed with great stores, and it’s worth a walk even if you aren’t going on a spree. One thing I didn’t really expect is htat there are really nice bridges and skyways over the streets so that you can get around above all the traffic!

Overall, I’m convinced that Las Vegas has a little something for everyone. And as for the City of Entertainment…well, I was definitely entertained during my trip!

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