Viva Las Vegas!

I am so excited to have taken my first trip as the Ultimate Funjetter! What a great experience it has already been – and just think, I’ve only just begun!

I started my travels with a quick trip to Las Vegas. I brought my best friend, Lindsy, and we had an absolute blast. We took off in the morning and it was an uneventful flight.

Our room at The Bellagio was magnificent. My favorite part was that we were located 24 stories directly above the famous fountain. (You know the one!) I swear, I could have stayed in that room and watched the fountain all day long. Who knew water and lights could be so mesmerizing!


(Excuse the shakiness of the video, but just watch it. You’ll be just as mesmerized, I swear.)

Of course, we didn’t stay in the room the whole time! We had a great time exploring all the glitz and glamour of the city as well as some of the more down-to-earth sides. (Note: you must go to the In-N-Out for some cheap and delicious fast food! The workers there are the friendliest I’ve ever met.)

We also had some simply incredible gourmet dining experiences at Todd English’s Olives. It was so amazing, I’ll be dedicating an entire blog post just to that evening out, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite photos from the trip – we were feeling very fancy with our Two Pear Martinis!

During our trip, we had to try our hand at gambling. I mean, come on! It’s Vegas! Great news, guys – we both left Vegas as winners! I played roulette and won $32. Lindsy played Black Jack and won $35. High rollers right here!

Since Las Vegas is all about entertainment, I’ll be writing a separate post about the general scene – nightlife, pool parties and such. I will say this: it was a good combination of relaxing at the pool or shopping by day and experience some of the nightlife.

Vegas was super fun and the perfect way to start my journey as the Ultimate Funjetter! It’s definitely a great destination to go with a friend (or a few) to cut loose and have a good time!