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Escape to Sayulita

Come on, be honest. There’s a part of you that’s always dreamed about a chill surfer life. So when we tell you about the quaint town of Sayulita, don’t be surprised if that part pushes you towards this seaside paradise. With colorful streets, scrumptious dining options, beautiful surroundings and some great waves, Sayulita’s the laid-back haven your inner surfer has been craving.

Sayulita surfer beach

Surfing and Adventure
Surf’s up in Sayulita. So don’t miss out. Even if you’ve never surfed a day in your life, there are plenty of lessons to help your skills match the surfing passion in your heart. That means soon enough, you’ll be riding like a pro. (Or, at least standing up on your own.) And if anything other than surfing is calling your name, Sayulita still has your back. There are a ton of stands right on the beach that offer boogie boards, paddleboards, and pretty much anything you’d want to try.

If you’re looking to stretch your legs on dry ground for a bit, the jungle and mountains are always waiting. Just trade in your surf board for a mountain bike or your aqua socks for some hiking boots. And while the winding paths and streams can take you pretty much anywhere, there’s something special about traveling south along the coastline. This trek will bring you away from all the crowds and reveal incredible views, both of Sayulita, and the surrounding mountains.

Sayulita beach food

Dining and Drinking
Sayulita wouldn’t be a surfers’ paradise without the grub. Keeping in line with the chill vibes of the area, taco stands and carts are set up on almost every street and beach. In fact, a lot of beach cafes and vendors have everything from tamales to homemade chips. Basically, all the best snacks to accompany a cold cerveza. And while we wish we could suggest just one stand to try, part of the fun is finding a favorite for yourself.

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Downtown is packed with everything from sidewalk cafés to casual and fine dining. This helps create a warm and welcoming vibe for any surfer looking to take a breather. Just take a seat outside and enjoy the energy of the town and people around you. Then, chow down on some local favorites and relax.

For a truly unique stop, make sure you visit Palmar Trapiche. It’s a local microbrewery with a beautiful garden setting. And, it’s a short walk from pretty much anywhere. Featuring great food and amazing beer, they make it more than easy to enjoy the Sayulita lifestyle.

Sayulita surfer's paradise

With chill vibes and relaxing ocean surroundings, Sayulita is the ideal place to kick back and get in touch with your inner surfer.

All you have to do is stop by.

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